How The World Search in VRChat works? A Comprehensive Guide

What sets VRchat apart from other constantly evolving social platforms is that it offers users a high-quality virtual experience and a chance to practice their imagination with endless themes and avatars free of cost! You read that right, but what if I told you that there’s much more to it. Like discovering hundreds of wonderful … Read more

How To Easily Clear Cache in VRChat

VRChat is a special, massive, free-to-play, online, multiplayer platform that is widely used by the masses for the sole purpose of in-game communication. Lots of gaming can result in generating a lot of cache. Avid game players must be aware of the amount of cache that can pile up and hinder their gaming experience. Cache … Read more

Is it Possible to Play VRChat Without an Headset?

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How To Add Friends On Vrchat? Quick And Easy Guide

how to add friends in vrchat

As the name suggests, VRChat is a virtual reality social media platform that lets you interact with tons of VR enthusiasts all around the globe. The best thing about VRChat is that you don’t even need any expensive equipment to get started. With how easy it is to access this awesome platform, more and more … Read more

12 Best VRChat Horror Maps That You Need To Check Out With Your Friends!

Best VRChat Horror Maps

VRChat is definitely one of the most entertaining VR games, if not the most. What makes this game so fun is that you can literally do anything at all! There are tons of different worlds in VRChat that let you play all kinds of minigames with your friends or strangers and have a great time. … Read more

How To Change Your Avatar In VRChat – 2022 Updated Guide

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How To Fix Vrchat Microphone Not Working – A User-friendly Guide

By offering countless innovative features, VrChat has been able to give its players pleasurable gaming experiences, that they can enjoy with their fellow mates from all around the globe. Avatar, being one of them allows users to express themselves through art instead of having to show their faces. Not only is it an exciting feature … Read more

How to Fix VRChat Not Loading Issue – 2022 Updated Guide

vrchat not loading

VRChat is a free social interaction game that has been designed for VR lovers all around the planet and it is loved by millions of gamers. Sadly, some players are not able to access the game because of different issues on their computers. If you are someone who is thinking of quitting VRChat because the … Read more

How to Make VRChat Run Smoother? Remove All Lag!

how to make vrchat run smoother

VRChat is an amazing game that almost every single gamer would want to try out. However, being such an expansive game with so many options, VRChat can also be a bit graphically demanding for less powerful computers. If you don’t own a powerful computer, then chances are that you probably face a lot of lag … Read more

How to Search for Avatars in VRChat? 2022 In-Depth Guide!

how to search for vrchat avatars

VRChat is currently one of the most popular VR games in the entire world as it literally lets you create a complete online persona for yourself. From just chilling with some friends to playing multiple mini-games and interacting with thousands of people, you can do almost anything in this game. Being such a broad game … Read more