How to Set VRChat to Full Screen – A Beginner’s Guide

Last Updated on September 27, 2021

Created By Graham Gaylor and Jesse Joudrey, VRChat is a massive online multiplayer social platform that is completely free to play.

Ever since its grand debut on steam in 2017, it has gained immense popularity among the masses.

But with great popularity comes great responsibility, and one of them being – taking care of bugs, which unfortunately many fresh players have trouble dealing with. Among those bugs, is fixing the screen on VRChat.

VRChat Holds great potential for an elite gaming experience that can only be achieved through an unproblematic full screen, and without knowing facts, as many fresh players are unaware of the methodology, they tend to complain about the game’s functionality as they have trouble switching to the fullscreen option.

How to Set VRChat to Full Screen?

Before jumping onto the steps let’s discuss first why users experience small screens on VRChat.

There could be a number of reasons as to why it happens, but some major possible ones are:

  • Avatars: Some players tend to add new avatars in their game, it might hinder one’s overall in-game performance, but small/minimized screens are one of them.
  • Cache Files: A high amount of cache files needing quick access to processors in VRChat could also be one of the possible causes of this error.
  • Outdated game: Sometimes bugs like these appear in games that haven’t been updated, older versions of the game could have a bug that will continue to cause issues like this in your application.

How to fix the VRChat full screen issue?

Fixing this problem is quite easy and can be explained thoroughly through three simple methods:

1. For users running a third-party application, check if your console has directed any errors, if you read them carefully and follow the given directions, you will be able to solve this problem in no time.

2. Press and hold on to your SHIFT button as you start your game, this will conveniently reset your screen to a fullscreen without any borders at the very beginning of your game.

3. ALT+ENTER will allow you to switch to a full screen at any point of the game, whenever you need it.

How to fix the resolution in VRChat?

In addition to VRChat screen problems, many users also face issues regarding the resolution of their screens. Well, fret not!

To fix this, the method is quite the same. As you start your game, press SHIFT to access the Launch settings, from there onwards you can change your screen resolution to your desired settings. The resolution you pick will remain the same during your next launch too.