How to Set VRChat to Full Screen – A Beginner’s Guide

Created By Graham Gaylor and Jesse Joudrey, VRChat is a massive online multiplayer social platform that is completely free to play. Ever since its grand debut on steam in 2017, it has gained immense popularity among the masses. But with great popularity comes great responsibility, and one of them being – taking care of bugs, … Read more

How To Change Your Name On VRChat? Quick And Simple Guide

Change VRChat name

VRChat is an awesome virtual reality platform that has been developed for gamers and VR enthusiasts all around the world. This game lets people from all around the world interact with each other and play all kinds of mini-games or just talk. While VRChat is pretty awesome, it can still be a little hard for … Read more

How To Delete Avatars in VRChat – Quick And Simple Guide

As quite evident by its name, VRChat is an online virtual reality game that allows you to interact with numerous people around the world. By making 3D models of your own, you enter a completely different universe of virtual reality, and through your second life, participate in innumerable social activities that you would in your … Read more