Is it Possible to Play VRChat Without an Headset?

Last Updated on November 11, 2021

If you are looking for a virtual social platform which in addition to allowing its users to create and customize their avatars and interact with each other, also specializes in a seemingly endless variety of virtual worlds that users can explore, VRChat is the right place to be!

As the name itself suggests, the best thing about VRChat is that this interaction platform lets you use a VR headset and complete body-tracking. These things allow for a super realistic experience that is not provided anywhere else.

VRChat is as user-friendly as one could imagine, however, its name is often a subject of confusion for many people as it indicates the necessity of using a VR headset and equipment to successfully run the game on your desktop. Well, much to your relief, there is no such obligation that you have to work with.

Having said that, it is important to know that some sort of headset will be needed if you want to get the real fun experience of VRChat, and properly communicate with all of your friends in the game.

Not having a VR headset puts a lot of limitations on the users that one would like to avoid when playing a game like VRChat. On top of that, some minigames cannot be played at all without a headset which is another setback for users playing without one.

Should you play VRChat without an headset?

Players have different views on whether not having a headset sabotages the overall experience of the free-to-play multiplayer game or not. According to some, it depends completely upon your personal preferences; if you lean more towards the social group of users who like to chat with other players and see what they are creating and doing then you might find yourself feeling a little jealous of those with VR headsets.

Many admirers of the game recommend getting a headset because you surely would not want to miss out on any chance to see yourself as a completely new character in the mirrors of this world and be able to look around freely, but many people with the ‘nothing to lose’ mindset have no problem sacrificing their accessibility to some features as the game still has a ton of other stuff to offer that can easily keep them engaged. 

Another hitch observed by players without a VR headset is an excessively unwanted amount of lag. While some players are only having this problem in a moderate amount, others are being highly troubled by it which leads us to the conclusion that although playing the game without a VR headset is not exactly ideal, it is not bad either. Even if you can’t afford a headset right now, you can just jump right in and see what VRChat has to offer.

At the end of the day, you are the one to decide what you invest in, and I hope that this in-depth article not only cleared all your confusion regarding this question but also proved helpful for choosing what is suitable for you.