How To Fix Vrchat Microphone Not Working – A User-friendly Guide

Last Updated on September 27, 2021

By offering countless innovative features, VrChat has been able to give its players pleasurable gaming experiences, that they can enjoy with their fellow mates from all around the globe. Avatar, being one of them allows users to express themselves through art instead of having to show their faces. Not only is it an exciting feature but also a convenient one.

In-game communication is yet another vital aspect for an awesome gaming experience, but as a fresh player, one finds it hard to attain it as they have trouble with their microphone on VrChat.

How To Fix the VRChat Microphone Not Working issue?

As I list down some simple steps, telling you how to fix your mic problems, you’ll realize they’re less of a game bug and more of a settings problem it is, that can easily be fixed in under a minute.

ENABLING THE MIC – The first thing to make sure of is to check if your mic has even been enabled or not. Even though your mic is connected to the computer, you still have to enable it in the game. This is done for security and privacy purposes.

UNMUTING – Check if you are unmuted. If the mic on the bottom left of your menu bar is crossed out, you’re possibly on mute, just click on it to unmute yourself.

MICROPHONE LEVEL – Visit your settings and from there onwards, check if your microphone slider is pushed all the way to the right.

CORRECT MIC – Check to see if you’re using the correct mic which has been selected in your game’s setting menu. Some users tend to have multiple mics and are unsure about which mic to use.

FIX SPEAKERS – Go click on your speakers at the bottom right of your screen, from there onwards, go to the recorder settings. Your selected mic will appear, double click on it to increase microphone volume to 100.

USB DEVICES – Some audio USB microphone devices and headphones tend to have issues with VrChat, maybe try changing them to fix your issue.

DISCORD – Make sure you are not on Admin mode if you’re using voice chat applications like Discord.

RESTARTING – If your mic has worked perfectly before and is suddenly causing problems now, try restarting your game as cache files tend to create temporary in-game errors.

KINECT SENSOR – Kinect sensors are often used to improve the gaming experience, however, they can cause some problems at times. If you cannot be heard by your peers, unplugging the Kinect sensor can do the trick sometimes.

CLEARING CACHE – Bad internet can cause several problems in the game and can completely disrupt the flow of the game, clearing the internet cache is always a wise step.

LEAVE PARTYCHAT – As a last resort, try leaving your party chat and rebooting the game, restart and continue, this too might fix your issue.