Rainhoe VTuber Face Reveal

Since Rainhoe’s debut as a VTuber in April 2020, fans have been wondering what she looks like behind the virtual avatar.  After months of anticipation, Rainhoe has finally assured her fan that she will eventually reveal her face to the world. But did she do it? Time to find out!

Rainhoe VTuber Face Reveal

Rainhoe announced on her Twitter account in March 2022 that she would showcase her face to the world within 2 hours. Yet, even after this length of time has passed, she still remains anonymous. The reason behind the delay is still unknown.

With an impressive fanbase of 85.7K followers, she’s no stranger to the Twitch community. Her quirky and captivating personality leaves her fans in stitches as they watch her game with computer-generated avatars of a demon girl from a cyberpunk dimension stuck in space!

Although one might think it’s quite the mess, she harbors fierce gaming skills that overpower even iffy internet connections – It’s safe to say that this gamer is just getting started on providing viewers with banger entertainment experiences.

Who Really Is Rainhoe?

Rainhoe holds Dutch Nationality and lives in the Netherlands, yet her real name remains unknown. Her character was designed by Skullara while Reinly took care of animation rigging. Showing off one’s face as well as true identity is a growing trend amongst Vtubers these days.

Rainhoe made her entrée into the Twitch world in September of 2021 and has dedicated her channel to sharing stream highlights. She’s already streamed footage of Little Nightmares, as well as several crane game collaborations with other live streamers.

She is renowned for her entertaining and interactive online streams, playing an array of games such as Battleships with heavenly bodies, chess, Mario Party Superstars, Terraria and Shirahiko. Her popularity skyrocketed through interactions with CDawgVA in particular; their most-viewed videos have achieved a cult following among viewers! In addition to this success, she has also featured Jhinxx in several of her video content.

Why Rainhoe Hasn’t Revealed Her True Face Yet?

The reason for not revealing herself until now is still unknown, yet it is safe to say that Rainhoe is a bit shy and doesn’t feel comfortable showing her true identity. She might also be waiting for the right time to do it, or she could just be taking precautions in order to protect her privacy.

Whatever the reason may be, fans are eagerly awaiting the day when they can finally know who’s behind Rainhoe’s virtual avatar.

As of now, we can only speculate until Rainhoe finally reveals her face. Until then, fans will have to wait and anticipate the reveal with bated breath! Hopefully, when she does decide to tell us who she really is, it’ll be worth the wait!

Rainhoe has also been active in the streaming community, participating in events. Her fanbase has grown extensively over time, with viewers from all around the world tuning into her streams to be entertained by her lively personality and fun-loving attitude.

This is one VTuber who isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone – be it through humorous skits, comedic acting or gaming with other streamers. And as far as Rainhoe’s face reveal is concerned, we can only hope that she will make the big reveal soon and treat us to a real surprise!  Until then, all eyes are on Rainhoe in anticipation for this special event.