Bao VTuber Face Reveal – How Does She Really Look Like?

Last Updated on July 18, 2023

Bao VTuber has been a popular virtual YouTuber since her debut in 2020. She is known for her kind personality, which has won millions of fans worldwide. Recently, she made headlines when she revealed her real face to the world.

This was a huge milestone for Bao and many other VTubers who have chosen to remain anonymous up until this point. If you’re curious about the story behind Bao’s face reveal and what it means for the future of VTubing, then keep reading!

Bao VTuber Face Reveal

On Twitter, Bao recently unveiled part of her face. She is a Vietnamese-American VTuber who streams on Twitch and posts music covers and original songs to YouTube. Her foray into the world of creating content began in 2015 with numerous anime openings as well as soundtracks from various video games such as Undertale’s “Stronger Than You” or Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ version of KK Slider’s “Bubblegum K.K.”

Her musical aptitude extends to the guitar, ukulele, piano and ocarina. She launched her channel with the moniker of hikarustation and all of her social media accounts follow suit. Her peers have also nicknamed her “himitsubasa”.

Bao is a polyglot, speaking English, Japanese and Vietnamese fluently. At Anime Expo 2022 she encountered Shoto and quickly developed an unbreakable bond with him as if he were her own little brother; moreover, Bao has generously taken it upon herself to educate Shoto in the culture of Vietnam by teaching him Vietnamese. Vienna too is special to Bao who lovingly refers to her as her “little sister”.

Hayamafair embellished her design, which was discovered on Pinterest, with the assistance of aricelli. Her character designer took it to another level! Brian Tsuii then undertook the task of modeling and rigging her.

Bao The Whale Personality

The renowned VTuber, Bao, has charmed thousands of subscribers on her official YouTube channel. Beyond streaming video games and entertaining fans with her remarkable singing talent, they can also immerse themselves in live-streaming gaming videos. With such an impressive variety of content at their fingertips and the ability to enjoy it all simultaneously–it’s no wonder that this VTuber is one of the most beloved out there!

Bao’s sincere compliments, her proclivity for puns, and her acute knowledge of pop culture make her a unique character. As she declared in the beginning, she was designed to be “free and enthusiastic” by hayamafair – just like a vibrant sea spirit! Her Discord interactions further demonstrate Bao’s bubbly personality and engaging nature.

Summoned from the depths of foamy sea spray, Bao was an ancient and powerful whale deity. She had traversed every ocean on Earth and witnessed countless wars over her lifetime – yet still found herself to be quite lonely in her solitude. All she craved was a companion who would listen to her voice reverberate through the waves.

Why Bao VTuber Reveal Her Face?

The reason behind Bao VTuber’s face reveal is still unknown. Still, the face reveal is a big step for the VTuber community and for Bao herself. With her newfound identity, she can now be more than just an anonymous “persona”.

This allows her to connect with her followers on a deeper level, as well as reach out to new viewers who may not have been interested in virtual YouTubers before. Additionally, it allows her to have a stronger sense of ownership over her content and gives her more control over how it is received by the public.

The face reveal also makes Bao VTuber appear more human and relatable, which could lead to further support from her viewers. This could potentially open up more opportunities for collaboration and could even lead to sponsored content. Furthermore, it could be a great way for Bao to further extend her presence in the VTuber community, as she will now be more easily recognized.