Fefe VTuber Face Reveal: Who Is She?

After months of speculation and anticipation, fans were thrilled to see Fefe’s true identity unveiled. Just who is she? Where did she come from? What does she do?

Fefe is a popular English Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) with over 170k subscribers on YouTube. She makes entertaining videos about video games and other topics while maintaining an air of mystery around her identity. Fans around the world highly anticipated her facial reveal as they waited for an answer to their burning question: Who is Fefe?

Fefe VTuber Face Reveal: Who Is She?

FeFe has been elusive when it comes to her identity, keeping her face and name hidden from the public eye. She chooses to remain in the shadows on all of her social media accounts, never once revealing herself across any platform. Even though fans are still curious as to who is behind the avatar of Fefe, her popularity continues to grow daily.

FeFe Personality

CovFeFe-chan is widely referred to as FeFe among her Twitter followers. An acclaimed Female Twitch streamer and YouTuber, she identifies with the Punk ass Vtuber persona. Inviting conversations through Twitch chat, this 2D Vtuber dazzles viewers with a punk look.

It’s her signature move of licking other streamers in both real time and recordings – an ultimate endorsement! As a member of the esteemed Seiso Girls Team on Twitch, it’s clear why FeFe has become such an iconic figure within the streaming community.

FeFe captivates her Twitch audience with her signature silence while she interacts through chat and expresses herself through her enchanting expressions. Her short white hair is complemented by a range of tattoos including Projekt Melody, Natsumi Moe, Comdost, Bunny_Gif, Silvervale, Froot and IronMouse.

Moreover, several facial piercings and red eyes add to the overall aesthetic. She usually wears a unique outfit consisting of a crop top with “Mini Milk” written on it paired with dark shorts along with an edgy studded black belt completing the look!

FeFe’s History

On November 1st, 2020, FeFe revealed her 2D avatar to the world and has since then been showcasing an eclectic mix of media such as music videos, humorous YouTube clips and occasionally licking other streamers both when they are livestreaming or in recorded video-on-demand.

Known for her streaming show and media sharing, FeFe is no stranger to collaboration. She often joins other streamers in popular games such as Among Us or Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. On December 5th of 2020, she launched a 54 track album called Virtual Memories on iTunes, Spotify, and more – featuring many VTubers!

In June and October of 2021, FeFe experienced fleeting bans from Twitch, respectively for two days and 24 hours. The latter was instigated after she showcased her Vtuber model during a live stream on the platform.

What Is Causing The Delay of FeFe’s Face Reveal?

The reason of the delay is still unknown, with many speculating that FeFe is afraid of potential backlash and judgment from the community. It’s possible she has experienced cyberbullying in the past or seen what happens to other VTubers when they reveal too much about themselves, so she may be hesitant to show her face.

Despite this, Fefe remains a popular figure in the world of streaming and her fans are still eagerly awaiting her face reveal. It will be interesting to see how FeFe’s fanbase reacts when the day eventually comes. Until then, we can only speculate about who is behind this mysterious avatar!