Froot Vtuber Face Reveal: Who Is She?

Froot has been the subject of much speculation and anticipation since she first appeared on the scene. The mysterious virtual YouTuber, whose real identity is still a mystery, has gained a massive following for her entertaining videos and engaging personality.

Fans have long wondered who Froot Vtuber really is behind the scenes. Now we can get to know more about this enigmatic figure and learn what makes them tick! So let’s take a look at who Froot Vtuber really is – it’s time to reveal the face behind the mask!

Froot Vtuber Face Reveal

Unfortunately, we still don’t know the real identity of Froot Vtuber. She’s given her fans multiple teases about uncovering herself, yet never actually exposed her face to the public.

However, we do know a few things about her. The mysterious Froot, better known as Apricot the Lich by her fanbase, is an English woman who first took to YouTube and illustrated on November 27th of 2020. She’s part of VShojo’s inaugural generation and remains secretive when it comes to revealing any information about herself.

At some point in her journey she discovered a way to cast souls into subscription-shaped vessels through streaming; thus, paving the way for her current career path as a necromancer with lofty aspirations like one day owning their own Virtual Fashion Brand.

Froot’s Personality

Froot appears to be human at first glance; however, she has distinct features such as long pointed ears and four dark purple horns that curl back from her head. Her teal hair is styled up to the nape of her neck with emerald green sparkles woven in-between its tails.

Her eyes are a mesmerizing shade of emerald green while exquisite tattoos adorn her face in this same hue. Froot wears an off-the-shoulder dress featuring a black and purple color scheme along with a pentagram print on the breast, arm-length fingerless gloves, and finally a silver helmet boasting a skull design for effect.

Her demeanor is tranquil and her voice gentle and melodic. When embarrassed or humiliated, she stammers nervously; however, she still enjoys playing video games, singing songs, creating artworks, as well as simply conversing with others on stream.

Despite being scared of many things in life – particularly horror movies – this entertaining chuunibyou loves conquering fear through these activities. She speaks respectfully: almost never using profanity unlike other VShojo members – a behavior that’s greatly encouraged by the swear jar which requires a fee every time an unnecessary word slips out!

Should Froot Reveal Her Identity Or Not?

Froot Vtuber has quickly become a fan favorite in the virtual YouTuber community, and we think it’s important to keep her identity a mystery. It adds an extra layer of intrigue and excitement for viewers who are eager to learn more about this mysterious figure.

Plus, it helps keep the focus on Froot’s amazing content and entertaining personality. It’s ultimately up to Froot whether or not she wants to reveal her identity, but for now, we enjoy watching the mystery unfold as we try to figure out who is behind the mask!

When Will Froot Reveal Her Face?

At this point, it’s still unknown when Froot Vtuber will finally reveal her face. We can only hope that she decides to do so in the near future and give her fans something unique and exciting to look forward to! Until then, let’s continue enjoying Froot Vtuber’s content and finding out more about Apricot the Lich’s fascinating world!