Where to Find VRChat Male Avatars?

Are you looking for a cool VRChat male avatar to use in your next chat? Look no further! In this blog post, we will provide you with a list of the best websites to find high-quality VRChat male avatars. These avatars will help you stand out from the crowd and make your chats more fun and interesting. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing these websites today!

Where to Find VRChat Male Avatars?

Below are several sources for custom VRChat Avatars:

Unity Store VRChat Avatars

VRChat avatars can be easily downloaded from the Unity Asset Store as 3D character models. Along with the avatar, you get access to a set of animations and scripts. Unity Store is arguably the best source for custom VRChat avatars due to its vast selection and ease of use.

It’s worth noting though if you have an Oculus Quest and want to play VRChat, you need to make sure that there are 70,000 or fewer triangles. If not, the asset cannot be uploaded.


ReadyPlayerMe is a great platform for getting custom VRChat avatars. It offers a selection of high-quality characters that are regularly updated with new designs and features. Additionally, all of their male avatars come with the necessary accompaniments such as animations and scripts.

On this platform, you can upload a photo to create an avatar. After uploading your photo, you will be able to edit your model’s hair, eyes, clothes, and accessories until you are satisfied with the results.


Sketchfab is another great source for 3D avatars. It helps to search under the “VRChat Custom Avatars” category, to ensure that you are getting a quality avatar that has been specifically designed for VRChat. The Sketchfab community has a large selection of high-quality VRChat male avatars in a variety of styles.

With this platform, artists can not only sell their designs but also allow buyers to collaborate with them on new models. You can easily find hundreds of avatars that match your specific interests, making it easy to get the perfect model for your VRChat persona.


Fiverr is a great platform for finding custom VRChat male avatars. It offers a variety of talented designers who specialize in creating custom 3D models and characters. With Fiverr, you can find avatars in different styles, from realistic to cartoonish. Plus, all of the designs are affordable and come with free updates.

If you’re on a budget, many VRChat designers advertise Avatar creation services starting at just $5. You can browse the work of hundreds of world-class designers and commissioning your own avatar is as simple as signing up, choosing your artist, and filling out a design brief.

VRC Traders Discord

The VRC Traders Discord server is a great place to look for custom male avatars. There are over 12,000 members of the community, so you can be sure to find a variety of designs and styles at your fingertips. While some avatars may cost money, there are also plenty of freebies available from other users who want to help the community out.

What is VRChat?

VRChat is a free-to-play, 3D virtual world game. It allows players to explore different worlds, chat with other players, and even create their own characters. Players can customize their avatars by choosing from preset models or commissioning custom designs from independent artists.

How to Make Your Own VRChat Avatar?

Creating your own custom VRChat avatar is easy and fun. All you need to do is find a 3D character creator app or software that can help you design the model, create the textures and materials, and animate the movement of the avatar. After that, you can upload your model to VRChat and start playing!

What Should I Do if My VRChat Avatar Isn’t Loading?

If your VRChat avatar isn’t loading, it could be due to a number of reasons. First, you should make sure that you have the latest version of VRChat installed and that all your graphics drivers are up to date. If those don’t help, then try lowering the quality settings in your game or switching to a different avatar.

Another possible reason is VRChat servers denying the network connection. You can try alternative connection methods such as using a VPN or restarting your router. Finally, if none of those solutions work, then you should contact the VRChat support team for help.

No matter what type of VRChat male avatar you are looking for, there are plenty of options out there. Whether you want an expertly designed model or something more simple and affordable, you can find it online. Just make sure to do your research and find the right avatar for you.