Where to Find VRChat Avatar Commissions?

Are you looking to get a unique avatar for your VRChat experience? If so, then you might want to consider getting an avatar commission. Avatar commissions are custom avatars created by experienced individuals who specialize in creating digital art and 3D models.

They can create your ideal virtual self and make sure it fits perfectly into the world of VRChat. From realistic humanoids to outlandish aliens, there’s no limit as to what they can do! In this article, we’ll discuss where you should look for quality VRChat avatar commissions.

Where to Find VRChat Avatar Commissions?

The best place to start is with online marketplaces like Fiverr and Etsy. These websites offer a range of artists who specialize in avatar commissions, so you’ll be able to easily compare prices and portfolios. Make sure to read through the terms and conditions carefully before making your choice!


Fiverr is especially great for VRChat avatar commissions because it offers a wide range of customization options and competitive prices. Plus, the website is full of experienced professionals who know exactly how to make your avatar stand out from the crowd.

With over 1000 choices for your perfect VRChat avatar artist on Fiverr at prices from just $5 to a lofty $1,000, you’d probably need some assistance in making an informed decision. To make life a little easier for you, here are my top 10 of the most talented and reliable VRChat avatar artists:


For starting price at $150, sugoukari will create a unique, high-quality avatar that fits your vision. The artist utilizes modular pieces to make sure you get the perfect look and comes with a range of custom colors and details.


ltdan71’s services come with a starting price of $15 and they guarantee a fast turnaround time. The avatar artist is known for creating characters that are highly expressive and lifelike, so you can be sure you’ll get an eye-catching avatar that will set you apart from the crowd.


If you want an avatar from scratch, jadevoiceovers is the one for you. With a starting price of $35, they can create a custom avatar from the ground up that’s sure to turn heads in VRChat.


At just $25, menchacha offers one of the most affordable options for a custom avatar commission. The artist is known for his beautiful art style and attention to detail, so you can be sure that your avatar looks classy and unique.


Erzier is a little bit pricey with starting price of $170, but with this artist, you’re guaranteed to get a stunning avatar that looks like it came straight out of an anime. With their highly detailed art style, your VRChat avatar will surely be one to remember!


If you’re looking for an artist who specializes in creating unique, stylized avatars, then Metamoqvr is the one for you. Starting at just $35, they offer a range of custom pieces that can be used to create your perfect avatar.


With 4.8 ratings, pedrocrispa is one of the most trusted VRChat avatar artists out there. The starting price is $40, and he offers a range of details that can make your avatar clearer and truly eye-catching.


From custom avatars to props for your Vrchat avatar and Vtube, emiliovera3d can make it all! This artist can help you upgrade and enhance your virtual reality experience with its professionally designed 3D models.


This artist has 5-star ratings from its customers and offers a wide variety of models created in the style of anime and games. The starting price is $10, perfect for those who want an avatar on a budget!


Just describe the idea of your avatar to notmisaki and they’ll make it happen. With a starting price of $150, this artist can help you create a unique avatar that represents who you are in VRChat.

Why Hire An Avatar Maker?

Avatar customization is an essential part of any virtual experience, so it’s important to find the perfect avatar maker for your needs. Hiring a professional avatar artist ensures that you get the highest quality results and makes sure that your avatar looks unique and represents your personality. With a wide range of artists available online, you can be sure to find the perfect person for your avatar needs!

With the help of a professional avatar artist, you’ll be able to create an avatar that perfectly captures your unique personality and style. Not only that, but hiring someone ensures that you get an expertly crafted avatar at competitive prices. Plus, with so many talented and reliable avatar makers out there, finding the perfect one for your needs is just a few clicks away! So why wait? Get started on creating the perfect VRChat avatar today!