VTuber Face Reveals: 7 Famous VTubers Revealed Their Faces

In the world of virtual YouTubers (VTuber), many fans have been curious to know what their favorite VTubers look like in real life. Recently, some of these popular VTubers have revealed their true faces for all to see!

Here are 7 famous VTubers who have recently revealed their faces and shared a bit more about themselves with their devoted followers. From cosplay streamer Nyanners to musician Raina Illune, each one is unique and has something special to offer viewers.

VTuber Face Reveals: 7 Famous VTubers Revealed Their Faces

Get ready for an inside look into the lives of these incredible creators as we explore the latest VTuber face reveals!


The mysterious Nyatasha Nyanners is one of the founding members of VShojo, an VTuber agency. With almost 1 million followers on Twitch and her true identity hidden from public view, it comes as no surprise that she is a beloved figure in this space. Nyanners continues to be a leader among other VTubers who also keep their faces and identities out of sight.

On the November 30th stream, Nyanners’ loving audience was given a glimpse of her true identity – this surprise shocked thousands. Beforehand, anticipation had been gathering steam and after obtaining an expansive fan base, she decided to show them who stood behind the VTuber’s mask. Everyone was overjoyed to finally observe Nyanners’ real face!


Lumi is an incredibly spirited streamer who knows how to have a good time but also isn’t afraid of getting into trouble. She has the appearance of a white wolf-girl with long white hair, bright blue eyes and pointed ears. Her fashion style reflects her Finnish background – she wears a button-down blouse paired with a bowtie, waistcoat and skirt in shades of light and dark blue. To finish off the look, Lumi completes it with thigh-high socks tucked beneath sleek shoes that are also navy blue!

In one of her video uploads on YouTube, Lumi unveiled her real face to the world. Astonishingly, she looks exactly like what she has portrayed in her VTuber model – particularly with the fox cosplay! Just as sweet and cute as how we all perceive from our screens, that’s precisely what you will experience when you meet Lumi in person.


Veibae is an acclaimed VTuber known for her quirky voice and amusing streams. She’s represented by the talent agency VShojo, which also manages Nyatasha Nyanners and other well-known internet stars. Veibae usually portrays a succubus avatar with blue eyes, long straight hair, elven ears and horns during her streaming sessions. From time to time she does experiments with different avatars as well.

On October 12th, 2019, Veibae posted an image of a young girl on her Twitter account who fans soon realized was none other than herself! Since then she has provided her followers with sneak peeks into her life like selfies and some of the things which mean the most to her.

Raina Illune

Raina Illune is an amazing butterfly barista Vtuber. Not only does she have a beautiful singing voice, but her motion graphics designs feature breathtaking typography! Raina is part of a tight-knit group known as “vlobs” and recently surprised us all with the partial face reveal on her Twitter account – it turns out that she looks exactly like her VTuber avatar (which we knew was too good to be true!).


Anny is a cuddly fox girl who can be either tender or rambunctious, particularly when she’s amused and in pain. While attempting to keep her noise level down so as not to disturb the peace of her neighbors, Anny habitually makes loud noises in spite of these efforts – much to everyone’s surprise! She finally revealed her face for all to see on Twitter back in October 2019.


Momo, the beloved green-haired catgirl with mesmerizing emerald eyes and tantalizing pigtails. This trendsetting icon dons a signature look of her own–a comfy black hoodie over a fishnet crop top, paired up with edgy shorts and stylish black & white sneakers; all topped off by an iconic leather choker featuring her renowned symbol.

Captivating thousands from around the globe, Momo’s ardent fanbase is lovingly referred to as “Momo’s Minions”, gathering on her exclusive Discord server ‘Momo’s Mischief’.

As a self-reliant individual, Momo enjoys the liberty to make her own creative decisions which are evident in the content she shares on her stream. This autonomy is what motivates her to keep posting photos of herself authentically, without any filters or disguises, on Twitter.

C9 Vienna

Vienna is a popular English VTuber and Twitch Streamer, admired and amassed by many people. She does not reveal her face on her live streams or any videos, but has posted photos of herself on her official Instagram account. Her face is now out on the Internet.