Where to Get VRChat Steampunk Avatars (Full List)

Last Updated on June 4, 2022

Steampunk is a science fiction subgenre that blends retro-futuristic technology and aesthetics inspired by industrial steam-powered machinery from the nineteenth century.

Steampunk works are frequently set in an alternate history of the Victorian era or the American “Wild West” in which steam power is still widely used, or in a fantasy world where steam power is still widely used.

Steampunk can also include aspects of other speculative fiction genres, such as fantasy, horror, historical fiction, alternate history, or other areas of science fiction, making it a hybrid genre.

It investigates alternate futures or pasts as a sort of speculative fiction, but it may also address real-world societal concerns. 

The word “steampunk” originally appeared in 1987, but it is now used to refer to a wide range of works of fiction dating back to the 1950s and earlier. Japanese steampunk is a prominent subgenre that consists of steampunk-themed manga and anime, with steampunk aspects first appearing in mainstream manga in the 1940s.

Vrchat however has fantastic Vrchat steampunk avatars, they are listed in this article.

Where to Find Vrchat Steampunk Avatars

Noir- Nocturne

Travel deep below within Nocturne’s city-state, recruited by a mysterious third party to learn and report on the city’s dark secrets. As an explorer and detective, you and up to three others will explore the city and its environs, gradually uncovering hidden conspiracies and dark unknown secrets by working together.

This is a multi-player virtual environment in VRChat for up to eight people. A VR-capable PC and a suitable PC VR headset, such as the HTC Vive/Pro/Pro2, Oculus Rift/Rift S, Valve Index, or a Windows Mixed Reality headset, are required. Create an account with VRChat after downloading it to your computer. Once within VRChat, go to the WORLDS tab and search for “Noir-Nocturne”, or you may launch it directly from your browser.

Centauri, the developer, has been working on games and virtual reality projects for the past five years. She has designed a number of popular experiences, including Severn, Relaxation Haven, Escort, and Eden, primarily inside VRChat.

Raindance Immersive has already nominated her for the BEST IMMERSIVE WORLD award in 2020 for her work with Eden. Outside of VRChat, she is the Lead VR Programmer at the non-profit Peace Literacy Institute, where she creates virtual reality environments for educational purposes.

Fiendish Fey’s Avatar World (WIP)

The Fey are mythical creatures that are inextricably linked to the natural world. They live in misty woodlands and twilight gardens. They are linked to the Feywild, also known as the Plane of Faerie, in certain worlds. Some can be found in the Outer Realms as well, notably the Arborea and Beastlands planes. Dryads, pixies, and satyrs are examples of fey.

Steampunk HQ

The best spot to see a Victorian vision of the future propelled by steam. For the uninitiated, steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy that imagines an alternate industrial future set somewhere in the Victorian era, at the peak of steam-powered technology. Aether machines are powered by cogs and gears in this retro future, and zeppelin flight is the main mode of air transport.

The little seaside hamlet of Oamaru, New Zealand, is perhaps the ideal spot to explore the envisioned steampunk world. Because Oamaru prospered economically in the 1800s, its buildings make an ideal location for a steampunk playground, with a plethora of neoclassical and Victorian architecture. The Steampunk HQ, housed in an 1883 grain elevator, is located here.

Short films, as well as events and parties, are shown at Steampunk HQ. The Libratory, an expansion of Steampunk HQ, is right next door. It’s a steampunk-themed library and art gallery where artisans display their products and model their creations. It not only links the past with the present, but it also connects the whole Oamaru community. It’s turned into a whole steampunk town.