Where to Get VRChat Doctor Who Avatars (Full List)

Last Updated on June 4, 2022

Doctor Who VR is a fantastic VRChat puzzle game. This game has some excellent jumpscares.

They’re not the type of jumpscares you get when a monster captures you in a horror game; instead, they’re things like a painting altering when you complete a problem and putting a Weeping Angel’s hand right in front of your face.

Things that let you know you’re on the correct track while simultaneously making you leap, and they’re utterly surprising, which makes them even more enjoyable. Read on to know how to get this fantastic game!

Vrchat Doctor Who Avatar Worlds

The Edge of Time

The Edge of Time is the best option if you want to feel like watching a Doctor Who episode.

You must assist the Doctor in saving the universe from a reality-threatening virus (this is revealed right at the start of the game, so it isn’t much of a spoiler). To prevent too many spoilers, I’ll refrain from discussing what created the reality virus.

It also features the Doctor Who theme song/intro process that you see at the start of every episode of the program, which is very fascinating to watch in VR. It’s incredible to be there in the time vortex, seeing the Tardis fly about, and feeling like you’re truly there in the time vortex.

It works with PSVR and most PCVR headsets, such as the HTC Vive, HTC Cosmos, Oculus Rift, and Valve Index. Support for Windows Mixed Reality and Oculus Quest is presently being investigated by the developers.

The game has both brand-new opponents and classic Doctor Who foes such as the Daleks and the Weeping Angels. It also features various Doctor Who-related scenes, such as piloting the Tardis, driving an empty Dalek’s armor or shell, and looking at Weeping Angels. Although the holographic visage of the 13th Doctor is a bit cartoony and out of place inside the authentic Tardis cabin, the realistic visuals and superb sound design contribute a lot to the immersion.

If you get uncomfortable playing VR games where you move around a lot (like Minecraft VR or VRChat), you should avoid this game. There is no teleportation in this game, so the only way to move about is to walk about your room (which would demand a really large space) or to move your controller’s thumbstick/trackpad to imitate your character’s mobility. 

This game also has a few jumpscares, so if you’re sensitive to them, you should probably avoid it. Do not purchase this game just because you enjoy the show. You will not enjoy this game if you dislike puzzle games. If you appreciate puzzle games and are a fan of Doctor Who, however, you will enjoy Doctor Who: The Edge of Time.

If you like puzzle games, the gameplay is particularly enjoyable on the first playthrough, when you don’t know how to solve all of the riddles and are unsure of what will happen. Unlike some other VR puzzle games, the puzzles have a significant degree of variation. Unfortunately, the game loses its appeal once you’ve seen all of the events and know all of the answers. As a result, while being a fantastic game, it lacks replay value, which is a sole criticism of it.

The game lasts about 1-2 hours, depending on how quickly you can solve the puzzles.

The Apartment of Jerry Seinfeld

You’ll be able to talk to “Doctor Who” in this virtual reality world. Jerry’s Place is available for download on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift CVI, DK2, and DK1.

Jerry’s Place is a “non-profit, just-for-fun initiative” created by a single designer with the express goal of allowing people to engage with their favorite television show in a more entertaining way than ever before. You’ll be transported into the universe of cereal and Superman via VR with the app.

What you really do in this lovely environment used to be a bit of a mystery, but now, owing to the latest version’s incorporation of VRChat, you’ll be able to accomplish what they did on Seinfeld: just hang around and speak.

VRChat uses unique 3D avatars and audio integration to “let you build, publish, and explore virtual environments with other people.” This implies that you’ll be able to combine your mid-90s ideal of kicking it in the Seinfeld apartment with your 21st-century love of Doctor Who by conversing with a realistic version of Matt Smith at Jerry’s Place.