Is VRChat Available on PS4? Your question answered!

Last Updated on November 11, 2021

VRchat is a viral social platform that is loved by millions in the gaming community. It allows you to build and explore a wide range of virtual realities with players from all over the globe and offers an endless variety of features like 3D spatialized audio and avatars with lip sync despite being totally free!

VRchat with Facebook Spaces, Hubs and Cluster being its top three platforms can be played on your desktop along with other supported VR systems and hardware, seated or standing, which brings us to the question of whether it is playable on PS4 or not. Unfortunately, no such release has been announced by VRchat Inc.

yet, however, the possibility has not been dismissed either which has users eagerly waiting for a positive announcement later this year or the next. Further charging their anticipation is this tweet from the game’s official account putting across the message that the studio is ‘considering’ to release VRchat on PSVR. Up until now, this is pretty much all that the VRchat team has notified its fans but for those who had been rooting for this release for a while now, it’s a relief that the idea of PSVR has not been completely dropped and might as well become a reality in the near future.

Is VRChat available on PS4?

That being said, what if I told you that there are other ways that you can use to run the game on your headset if you don’t have a VR-compatible PC? It sounds too good to be true but according to some sources, a few third-party apps such as Trinus have made it to the market, making it possible to play the game on your headset by allowing two separate systems to work with each other.

What does the gaming community think?

According to some users, it is highly unlikely for Sony to allow VRchat to be on its platform because of custom avatars. Many believe that the game would not be nearly as fun as it originally is due to serious restrictions and downgrades even if we get to see a PSVR version of it anytime soon. Regardless of this, many are still hopeful for VRchat to be made available on PS4.

Can you play VRchat on Xbox?

In case you’re wondering if those with Xboxs have an edge over PlayStation users regarding this matter, let me clear your confusion by telling you that they don’t. Xbox does not support VRChat but games like Onigiri and Marvel Heroes are available for them to get a similar experience. On the other hand, until VRchat Inc. gives any further updates console gamers are just trying to make do by playing some alternative VR games. I hope you found this article helpful! Hopefully, we will get to see this amazing game on our consoles very soon as that would allow a plethora of new faces to join the awesome VRChat community.