18 Best Anime VRChat Avatars

Last Updated on July 18, 2023

When we are new to VRChat our first priority is to find the best avatar that perfectly describes our personality or taste.

Finding the right avatar for yourself can be a pretty grueling task as there are literally thousands of options to choose from.

In this article, I am listing the best anime-themed avatars that are perfect for every otaku.

Best Anime VRChat Avatars for Download

Below you’d find our list of the best anime VRChat avatars available online:

Goku with DRIP

I’m starting this list off by mentioning one of my personal favorites! We all know and love Goku from the infamous Dragon Ball series. However, this particular avatar puts a special spin on the character. It’s the same old Goku character, but instead of his training gear, he is wearing the drip meme clothing.

You can get this avatar by visiting Parsley’s Avatar World.

Kakashi Hatake

Second on my list is a Kakashi Hatake avatar that was built with true attention to detail. This avatar makes our favorite sensei look somewhat realistic and very cool! This Kakashi is wearing his normal clothing with his sharingan in action.

You can get this avatar by visiting Jelly’s Random Avatar World.


I really liked this Pikachu avatar as it is very small compared to most other avatars in the game and lets you experience the game from a brand-new perspective. Pikachu looks as cute as ever because the details on this avatar have been handled perfectly.

You can get this avatar by visiting Mids Ava World.

Mt. Lady

Here’s a somewhat random avatar that most of you might not have expected to see on this list as Mt. Lady from My Hero Academia is not very popular. However, I still decided to add her to the list as she is an awesome hero and very beautiful!

You can get this avatar by visiting Mids Ava World.


Most anime enthusiast would want to play Kirito in a game like VRChat as the entire Sword Art Online anime is based on the concept of VR technology. This avatar is very good, and it even comes with our hero’s sword.

You can get this avatar by visiting the Sword Art Online Avatars World.

The Titans

Some fun anime avatars to try out would be the titans from the Attack on Titan series. All the titans in this game look goofy yet menacing at the same time, and you should definitely equip one of them if you are a fan of the series. My personal favorite would be the Beast Titan.

You can get these avatars by visiting Steave’s Attack On Titan Avatar World.


Nezuko is definitely one of the most loved characters from the Demon Slayer anime series. Her cuteness is just on a completely different level, and you should definitely try out her avatar if you love the anime.

You can get this avatar by visiting Koa’s Demon Slayer Avatar And Hangout World.

Goth Anime Characters

If you are looking for some original anime characters, then these goth characters might be exactly what you need. These characters are all designed differently, and the details on these models are insane.

You can get these avatars by visiting Lena Quest Avatar World.

Zero Two

If you are an avid anime watcher, then you must already know about Zero Two and her quirky charm. This model of our dinosaur waifu is super adorable, and it shows her off in her adorable everyday clothing.

Light Yagami

This model of Light Yagami is super detailed and somewhat realistic, just like the Kakashi Hatake avatar above. As an added bonus, you can even summon Ryuk behind yourself with the press of a single button and complete the look.

You can get this avatar by visiting Samnce’s quest avatars world.

Succubus Girls

If you are an anime fan that wants to try out some NSFW avatars, then these succubus girls are the perfect picks for you. Both of these anime girls are original characters, and their names are Kawakaze and Yamakaze. These avatars also come with a few bonus gestures!

You can get these avatars by visiting the following link:


If you are a real fan of the KonoSuba series, then this is the only avatar that you’ll ever need! Megumin is precious and adorable, and this avatar truly captures her beauty.


Akali is actually not an anime character, but a special character that appears in a videogame called League of Legends. However, I still had to put her on this list because of her awesome anime-themed design.


If you are trying to get that hot anime guy appearance, then you should definitely consider getting this model of the demon Sebastian, even if you have not watched Black Butler. One thing that I really love about this particular avatar is that Sebastian looks cuter than his usual self.

You can get this avatar by visiting zATOMICxMASTERz Avatar World.

Senkuu Ishigami

This highly intelligent science enthusiast is someone that many of you would want to use as your avatar. This avatar has been built to look exactly like the anime version of Senkuu Ishigami, and this model is wearing the clothing that Senkuu can be usually seen wearing in the stone age.

You can get this avatar by visiting Mobster’s and Lopie’s Avatar Room.

Baki Hanma

Baki is the character you should choose if you are a big fan of muscular anime characters. This character is strong and weirdly proportioned, so you can have a lot of fun with him.

You can get this avatar by visiting the Grizzly’s One world.


Mob might not be the most popular anime character, but his unique design and personality still makes him very likable.

You can get this avatar by visiting Kareedas Avatar Airship.


I’d like to end this list by talking about the infamous high school girl, Hayase Nagatoro. This cute little girl with a smug face loves to toy with her senpai.

You can get this avatar by visiting the Sirius Gemini (Avatar World.)