How Long Does GoPro Battery Last

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

GoPro cameras, commonly known as action cams, are used to capture and edit incredible footage. Most individuals choose a battery life of around 10 hours. The battery life will vary depending on how often you use it.

The Hero 9 GoPro camera has an excellent battery life. Without needing to be charged, the Hero 9 can last up to 2 hours. The 1720 mAh battery makes this possible. It also captures 4K video in excellent quality.

How Long Does GoPro Battery Last?

Not all GoPro cameras utilize the same battery. The HERO10 Black and HERO9 Black, for example, have a 1720mAh lithium-ion battery, whilst the HERO8 Black has a 1220mAh lithium-ion battery. Furthermore, GoPro cameras have distinct video settings that affect battery life. High-resolution video modes consume a GoPro’s battery far more quickly than low-resolution video modes.

Are GoPro Batteries Susceptible To Overcharging?

The charging station will automatically cut off after the batteries are fully charged, so you can’t overload them. However, I do not advocate leaving your GoPro hooked up for an extended period of time.

Is It Possible To Use My GoPro Without A Battery?

The GoPro Black camera range features changeable batteries. As a result, the HERO10 Black, HERO9 Black, HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black, and HERO6 Black may operate without the use of a battery. Remove the battery and plug the USB-C charger into a wall outlet, computer, USB power brick, or external charger.

What Reduces GoPro Battery Life?

Here are the three things that reduces GoPro battery life:

The battery’s age

With each passing year, the battery life of any technology decreases, and the GoPro is no exception.

Cold Tempratures

Cold temperatures have a detrimental influence on the battery’s performance, so if you’re using GoPro outside, put it in your pocket near to your body. This will keep it warmer and extend the life of your battery.

Wi-Fi and additional features

Only use functions like WiFi, voice recorders, and GPS when necessary. By far, the most significant influence on battery life will be WiFi. It just consumes a lot of energy. When you’re not using it, try to turn it off. If you don’t require the GPS to overlay location coordinates, make sure it’s turned off. Even when the camera is turned off, the voice recorder drains the battery.

What Is The GoPro Hero8’s Battery Life?

The Hero8 Black camera features a battery that can be removed. This is a useful feature because it allows you to bring extra batteries and swap them out throughout the day. The GoPro Hero8 Black has a 70-minute battery life (recording at 4K resolution).

As discussed earlier in this essay, there are several factors that influence battery life. You won’t obtain the full 70 minutes of recording time if you have all the features on and your camera on for a few hours before you start filming. This is why having extra batteries is critical.

What Is The Battery Life Of A GoPro Hero7?

The battery in the GoPro Hero 7 Black is replaceable and lasts 45-90 minutes. The battery in the GoPro Hero 7 Silver and White is built-in, which means it cannot be removed. For White and Silver users, an easy solution is to keep the camera charged while shooting.

The GoPro Hero7 Silver has a battery life of 106 to 146 minutes. The GoPro Hero 7 White has a battery life of 107 to 146 minutes.

What Is The GoPro Hero 6’s Battery Life?

The GoPro Hero 6 battery lasts up to 1:40 hours in standard 1080p. If we set the camera to 240fps, we only get 1 hour of video time.

What Is The Battery Life Of A GoPro Fusion?

The battery life of the GoPro Fusion is up to 1:45 hours, depending on the resolution. Furthermore, the battery may be removed. The duration varies slightly based on the video mode used, but not much.

What Is The Battery Life Of A GoPro Hero 5?

The battery of the GoPro Hero 5 Black lasts up to 2 hours and is replaceable, while the Hero 5 Session battery lasts up to 1:35 hours.

What Is The Battery Life Of The GoPro Hero 4?

The Hero 4 Black battery may last up to 2:15 hours, while the Hero 4 Silver battery can last up to 1:50 hours.

How Can I Extend The Life Of My GoPro Battery?

Extending GoPro battery is simple and easy, just follow this instructions:

  • Extra settings should not be used (WiFi, GPS, voice control).
  • In the cold, keep your batteries warm. Put them in the inside zip pocket of your jacket.
  • Turn off the screen.
  • Turn off the additional lights.
  • Use a control or a smartphone app instead.
  • Keep Protune off
  • Make use of a wall charger (it’s faster and better than the USB cable on your PC).
  • Please download the most recent firmware.