5 Best VRChat Hide And Seek Maps

Last Updated on July 18, 2023

Hide and seek is a game in which one player attempts to locate the other players who have gone hidden.

Are you aware that you may participate in this fantastic adventure using vrchat? Read on to know the best hide and seek maps you can visit within VRChat.

What Are The Best VRChat Hide And Seek Maps?

Below you would find our list of the best VRChat puzzle maps:

1. Among Us VR

Users can play as one of two characters in this map mystery game: a “crewmate” who must stay alive and accomplish a list of duties in order to escape a spacecraft, or an “Imposter” who must kill the crew without being detected.

This basic approach has drawn millions of players who either play Among Us with their friends or watch their favorite Twitch streams play the game.

However, the game’s repetitious nature has gotten boring for some of its devoted players, prompting them to build HIDE AND SEEK, a unique game mode that anybody may play without modifications.

There’s a lot less talking in this take on the classic social deduction game or chatting.

While the main purpose of Among Us is for the crewmates to complete missions and the impostors to kill them, others desire to play hide and seek.

Setting up and playing Hide & Seek in Among Us is simple and enjoyable thanks to a variety of game settings and, hopefully, a group of players who agree on the rules.

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2. Hide ‘N’ Seek

Hide ‘N Seek! is an entertaining multiplayer arcade game that brings the classic hide-and-seek game to your Android mobile. Due to its simple and addicting gameplay, Hide ‘N Seek! is one of the greatest games in the category, whether you choose to play as the seeker or the hider.

Because of the clever gameplay concept, almost everyone can enjoy the game straight away. Simply use the joystick on the left side of the screen to control your character. It makes no difference to the role you perform during the round; this is the only control you need to be concerned with.

In Hide ‘N Seek! Your goal is to either hide or capture other players who are attempting to hide. You only have a limited amount of time to accomplish this. You’ll win if you can stay hidden and avoid being discovered before the clock runs out.

You will lose if you do not discover at least four players before the clock runs out while seeking for others. The fact that players who have been captured can be rescued by those who are still free adds to the game’s intrigue. To top it off, you may collect money throughout each game, which you can then spend to unlock different skins for your avatar.

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3. Abandoned City 

The Abandoned City Map is a city map developed by Adranium. Can you fathom what the world would be like without humans? This map, on the other hand, might assist you in visualizing one of the probable outcomes.

You may wonder what happened to the Abandoned City as you wander the desolate streets. How long has it been that way? The answer is unknown, but one thing is certain: this unique city is well worth your time and effort, especially with its gorgeous structures draped in green vines and moss.

Explore the grandeur of this abandoned city by downloading this map.

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4. Japan Shrine

As the name implies, Japan Shrine is a world heavily influenced by Japanese art, with a focus on a tranquil spring mood suited for relaxation and meditation. When you’re anxious or want to clear your mind, this is one of the greatest VRchat worlds to consider.

In the virtual world, the Japan Shrine is a great peaceful spot. The Shrine is home to numerous traditional rooms and peaceful places, all inspired by Japanese architecture and traditional residences, and it’s a beautiful spring setting with cherry blossom trees softly swinging in the wind and a beautiful blue sky above.

The founder of the original Japan Shrine regretfully took it down soon after its publication, but numerous knockoffs have appeared that do a good job of rendering the same scene.

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5. Zombie Tag Worlds

In VRChat, Zombie Tag operates similarly to how it does in real life. Someone begins off as “it,” then tags someone else, who then becomes “it.” The game will continue until everyone has succumbed to the “it” plague.

This game is taken to a whole new level in VRChat, where participants may play Zombie Tag on a variety of unique terrain. Simply browse for a server with a large number of players to play one of the greatest VRChat games.

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